• Joshua Bennett

    Joshua Bennett

  • Daniel Dodson

    Daniel Dodson

  • Joe Valentino

    Joe Valentino

    Professional Community Worker, Humanitarian and Mental Health advocate with a passion for culture, people and community.

  • Kristy Westaway

    Kristy Westaway

    She/They | Fantasy Fiction Author | LGBTQ+ | D&D Nerd | ADHD & ASD Mum | GradCert of Writing

  • Pawel Szydlowski

    Pawel Szydlowski

    Mobile Developer, R&D Engineer and Mathematician. Born Polish, studied in Ireland. Writing about technology, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle.

  • Taylor πŸ‘‹

    Taylor πŸ‘‹

    Content Writer. Side Hustler. Expert Schemer.

  • JM Heatherly

    JM Heatherly

    (He/They) Writer, gardener, hospitality pro, and musician from Tennessee. Finding gems to polish for you. Graphics by chelseakingdesign.com.

  • Meliha Avdic

    Meliha Avdic

    Born in Bosnia, grew up in the UK-another war child, yes. Passionate about people and the state of society. A bit of a maverick. www.meliha.webador.co.uk

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