It’s Time to Care

At what point are we as a global community step back and say something isn’t right. In July 2021 alone, we have had significant catastrophes that have taken place. I imagine even the most die-hard climate deniers have to think, “I don’t ever remember this happening.” Western Europe is flooded. Flagstaff, Arizona, is flooded. All other western U.S. states are on fire. All western U.S. lakes and waterways are historically low. To top it off, Florida has managed to kill more than 600 tons (and counting) of fish due to red tide events that are entirely preventable. While we’re discussing Florida, they’ve managed to kill more manatees this year than any year on record. Florida isn’t the exception. Turkey has lost thousands of baby flamingos due to climate change and questionable irrigation methods.

Also, in July, from the work of Pat Elder, we know that the fish we eat is tainted with PFAS. A simple Google search of PFAS in the last month will yield results that will make you sick. We know the FDA and EPA have known since the 60’s the dangers of these PFAS forever chemicals on human health. They knew and did nothing. Big Ag, the fossil fuel industry, consumer products, food packaging, clothing, the military all use and dispose of PFAS. PFAS is so prevalent that we can now find it in 97% of all water in the U.S., including well and city water. PFAS is ubiquitous; it has poisoned our land, water, food, and now our bodies.

We also know that Duke Energy has decided once again to increase its rates on customers. This time the perennial dirty fossil fuel pusher chose to reward its shareholders with a dividend increase that Duke’s customers will pay. How nice. On top of that Duke’s dirty fossil fuel dinner date, Exxon has admitted, “yeah, we use PFAS for fracking.”

As a society, we must sound the alarm. Our blind trust in chemical companies and the EPA has led to arguably one of the worst environmental catastrophes known to humankind. PFAS is in everything, everyone, and has polluted every one of our waterways. Only recently has this began to garner attention. In June 2021, articles have been released detailing PFAS is in newborns, every citizen of the U.S., sparkling water, fish, makeup, and our waterways. We must hold the companies that have polluted our country responsible

Husband, Author, Firefighter, Advocate Against PFAS