Logistics of PFAS Blood Testing…East Coast

When I was navigating how to get a PFAS blood test, my goal was to simplify this process as much as possible. With the help and guidance of VCU we were able to keep it simple. Below are the exact steps I took as well as the most current price and insurance information.

Step 1: Get a PFAS blood serum lab order from either your PCP/ Specialty doctor. Ensure your Doctor knows it has to go to NMS

Step 2: Have it sent to Lab Corp

Step 3: Make an appointment with Lab Corp to have your blood drawn. Ensure Lab Corp knows it has to go to NMS

  • Lab Corp has an account with NMS Labs near Willow Grove Pa. Lab Corp will ship your sample to NMS Labs. NMS will conduct the testing on the sample provided by Lab Corp.

Step 4: Wait for results.

NMS charges $635.00 per sample. This test is not covered as of yet by most insurance companies. Yes, I had it done. With that said, I am currently waiting on the bills. We are waiting on the NMS bill as well as the Lab Corp bill. I will update as everything wraps up. This is not a plug/ shoutout for any company. Nor do I have ties to any of them. These are the steps I took to go from point A to point B.

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